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"Run, Kick and Score to Win ..." Fast-paced, frantic, bouncy soccer game! Take on other players around the world in this sports themed shooter. You are trapped in an eternal pentalty shot with the other player in a twisted game of one on one soccer.
No referrees, no yellow cards, no penalties. Just an endless bombardement of kicks and goals. Play as goalie and striker all wrapped up into one. Try to out smart, out play and out kick your oppoenent. Power up your kicks, time your shots, and stay on target.
You only have three minutes to score the most goals and it won't be easy. Stay strong, stay focused: become victiorious.

Movement: WASD or Arrow Keys to Move
Spacebar to Quick Kick
Hold and Release Spacebar to Power Kick
Matches are 3 minutes long

Victory conditions: Score the most goals in 3 minutes to win.

Game Updates & Patch Notes: 
v0.14 Full Public Release
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