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BaseBuilder-io is a race to build your base before the zombies come and get you.

Welcome To Base Builder!!!

How to move , shoot and build :
WASD or arrow keys to move , left click to shoot or use an item , B to open the shop , V to open the skill shop , C to equip a weapon if you bought one , 1-5 number keys to equip an item in your inventory , G to drop an item.

Here you need to build a base in 160 seconds , your base should have a door/exit , because at second 25 you get teleported to spawn
and you need to enter to your base , then , sick people get zombie and search people from bases , humans have got weapons
Accounts are saved..
more info when playing the game...

* try to put small blocks as obstacles in your base
* never be alone , teamwork is the key for win
* buildings at spawn are deleted , so don't build there
* zombies give 5 coins when they are killed with a grenade , so try to kill them with grenades

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