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Cross Promotion:


Choose your hero and demolish your opponents.

Every hero has two unique skills to use, with a lot of room for outplay and mechanical prowess.


The gamemode is a free-for-all style battle, where every player is fighting all other players.

Your main goal is to survive as long as possible, while getting stronger by leveling up.


Climb the leaderboards by setting new kill streak count records and kill count in general!


[RMB]   - Move / Attack

[Q,E]   - Abilities 

[A+LMB] - Attack closest target to cursor



Cracking game at first glance. Just started playing and already feel that the movement would be more beneficial to everyone if you held it down. This would make attacking smoother and easier to do, particularly when fighting multiple. Will update comment / post more in after more play. So another thing I seem to be noticing is that some players might not have created a name. I say this because there seems to be guest with equipment and as far as I can tell you can only use equipment with an account. There seems to be an animation issue after a player dies, they sometimes seem to respawn during one animation. So going in to attack them thinking that player just use their bigger attack only to have them use it straight away was misleading. The rocks around the map have a dodgy hitbox, they stop your movement and you get stuck quite a distance away from the rock it self for some. Stats might not yet be accurate? E.g Playing as rogue with near tier 2 equipment and level 4 with all stat points in health. Dying to a no equipement level 1 warrior or sorcerer. The healing on Warrior can seem a bit too much compared to how rogue or sorcerer can only get a little bit of health back from levelling up. Also not sure if the current leaderboard is correct. Been playing since I made my original comment and already seen the people near the top of board gain a few hundred kills like no tomorrow. I don't know if there are different servers but the one I've been playing no way resembles something of that growth. So it's possibly foul play / tampering with the game to have that sort of score. Would suggest looking into it.
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