Tenk.io is a free-for-all tank shooter io game with the ability to upgrade your wheels.

Tenk.io from the creators of WarIn.Space

Drive your tank around the map shooting at other tenks. If you hit them your tenk will grow, if you get hit you will shrink.

WASD to drive your tank around. 
Move your mouse to rotate the barrel.
Your tank will automatically shoot

There are little Bullet sponges around the map that look like colored hexagons. Shoot a them to make them grow. When they are green they are safe, when they are red they are ready to pop. If you are the last one to shoot them then you will claim it and YOUR bullet will appear out the other side and the sponge will disappear. You bullet will now be about 50X the size and will destroy anything in it's path. You can also shoot the bullet from one sponge into another.....

Bullets downsize after hitting a weaker opponent if it can kill them in one hit, this will shrink the bullets size, but allow you to get multiple kills with one hit.

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