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Cross Promotion: thumbnail is a magical survivalist io game in a 2D environment. Welcome to, a fantasy themed battle royale. In this game you will battle using melee, magic, skills, and your wits to be the last survivor. CONTROLS: Movement: WASD Aiming/looking: Mouse cursor Attacking: Left Mouse Button Interacting: E Switching weapons/items: 1-6, mousewheel, or clicking on the inventory slot. Jumping off dragon and descending more quickly: Space Use accessory: Space Open Map: M You will begin the match in the nest. From the nest the dragon will fly over the map and you can jump off using the Space key. Once you have landed you must battle for your survival. You can open chests and doors using the E key. Good luck and may you be the last.

Game Updates & Patch Notes: 
15/jun/2019 • New Weapon: Alleviation Staff • New Weapon: Magical Feather • New Weapon: Boulder Staff • New Accessory: Ramming Horns • Increased slow strength from ice staff • Increased heavy mace range • Tweaked heavy mace animation • Reduced quicksand force field area • Fixed traps not triggering when owner died • Fixed traps not showing on bridges • Fixed random client disconnect when playing on HTTPS • Added performance alert if player browser configuration isn't optimized
04/jun/2019 • New Status Effect: Stun • New Status Effect: Paralysis • New Weapon: Heavy Mace • New Weapon: Bear Trap • Added quicksands on desert zone • Balanced Monkey Paw: Increased max stack, reduced damage and increased amount of stolen items • Adjusted Blow Gun accuracy
31/may/2019 • New weapon: Monkey Paw • New weapon: Blow Gun • Players now have reduced vision under buildings • Increased Meat max stack on inventory • Added visual effect to bushes • Added visual effect on kill • Lobby rework • Main menu rework • Added HTTPS support • Fixed rare bug where some times players would go invisible
20/may/2019: • Added new Status Effect: Poison • Added new weapon: Poison Staff • You can now press "M" to view the map • Cactus now does damage on contact • Increased Spear attack range • Server Optimization
17/may/2019 • Increased match player limit • Adjusted closing gas timer • Adjusted lobby timer • Fixed Void Shield not detecting projectiles some times • You can now interact by pressing F as well • Huge server optimization • Minor client optimization (better fps)
08/may/2019 • Fixed player body skin color changing for fixed-skin-colored skins • Fixed Void Shield size • Client optimization (FPS increase) • Server optimization
06/may/2019 • New Map • City zone reworked • Added desert zone • Added village zone • Added mountains zone • Added swamp zone • Added temple zone • Added farm zone • Added mini map • Added closing gas indicator • Added quality tiers on controls menu screen • Fixed players sliding when teleporting to dragon • Client optimization • Server optimization • Networking optimization
17/apr/2019: • Fixed full-screen button • Fixed player rotation jittery • Upgraded server architecture • Fixed a bug where the boomerang hits some times would not be detected
14/apr/2019: • Added Meat consumable - huge health restore • Added Big Berry consumable - huge mana restore • Added Profanity filter • Added Health Healed on post match results info • Added Melee Damage on post match results info • Added Ranged Damage on post match results info • Added Magic Damage on post match results info • Increased Round table furniture health • Round table furniture now drops consumables • Reduced apple health restore • UI Improvement • Several bug fixes • Minor server optimization • Increased server stability
07/apr/2019: • Added spectator mode • Added directional sounds mechanic (left and right) • Added different floor sounds • Added egg states based on health to the lobby egg • Added special effects for players with status effect • Reduced closing gas damage • Reversed the weapon switch control from middle mouse button • Fixed a rare bug where a player could not be visible in the beginning of the match • Fixed a rare bug where the player could get stuck when teleported to the dragon • Fixed a bug where frozen orbs would some times not hit the enemy player • Server performance optimization • Networking optimization
27/mar/2019: • Made Frozen Belt orbs rotate in a wider radius and now they ignore collision with walls and destroyable objects • Reduced a bit the movement speed bonus from Ninja Tabi • Burn tick damage from fire spells now increases based on the weapon quality • Slow duration from ice spells now increases based on the weapon quality • Fixed a bug where you could not attack and activate an accessory at the same time • Fixed a few minor bugs
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