Archnemesis is a fast paced, arcade free browser based game.

Use power-ups find arrows hit your opponent and be the nest player in your group.


How to Play Archenemsis

W – Move forward

S – Move Back

A – Move Left

D – Move Right

E – Pick up/ Swap power up


Mouse – to look around

Left Click - to start power up. Lift to Fire

Right click – to open emoji. Lift to select emoji



Private Game


If you want to set up a tournament or just a private game with friends use private game. It will generate a link that you can share with your friends and they will hoop in to the lobby or game.

Quick Match

If you want to just play the game select quick match and match with people who are looking for a game as well. The room limits right now is maxed at 10.





Game Updates & Patch Notes: 
Version 1.0.6 Improved AI behaviors, Increase number of bots from 3 to 6 bots, You now score will killing bots
Version 1.0.5 BIG UPDATE - Added 3 new maps. In Quickplay it randomly selects between the 4 maps that is currently existing. Bots can sometimes walk through walls.

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