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If you're addicted to hard core, heavy hitting battle royale action then maybe you're ready for Battlegrounds2D! THis is an intense 2-d shooter game with a top down view. Spawn as a humble player with no gear and then scavenge your way through as levelteaming with opponents armed to the teeth. This is an MMO so you won't be killing simple AI enemies but rather other players who are as skilled and as blood thristy as you. You'll have to find your own weapons, ammo, upgrades, and places to hide or snipe from as you battle just to stay alive in this chaotic, bullet hell shooter. 

You will be assigned teamates which is helpful but be careful! Your attacks can harm them as well. Identify allies and work together. The last team left standing will be the winner! The battle zone is also surrounded by a danger zone. Entering the danger zone will deplete your health. This zone will shrink during gameplay. Gear up, loot, kill, and get that chicken diner!

Game Instructions / How to Play

  • WASD: movement
  • R: reload
  • Click: shoot
  • Mouse Wheel: change weapon
  • Tab/I: open/close inventory
  • Q: quick heal
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