shifters,, shift, elements, elementals is a free web game that lets you power up and shoot it out with online opponents around the world!
Your player is given the option to play as any one of the four elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. With more elements to come!
First, choose a name and press Play! After entering the game your character will be placed into one of three teams: Red, Blue, or Green.
Work with your teammates or play alone, either way your goal is to fend off the enemies and grow your strength in doing so!
If you are running low on Health, remember to grab orbs placed throughout the map as they regenerate your character.
Here is a brief description of every character moves:

Instructions / How to Play:
Q:Wave of Fireballs, recast to change direction.
W:Doom the nearest enemy to burn as long as they are near.
E:For a duration any abilities you cast that hit enemies spawn aoe fires beneath them.
R:Fireball (low cooldown).
A:Spawn a spark that grows on contact with enemies.
S:AOE DPS around you, big circle of fire.
D:Rekindle the fire/Respawn like a pheonix, regaining 80% of hp/mana and resetting cooldowns.
Q:Beam of water reactivate to change direction.
W:Spawn puddles of water.
E:Turn into a puddle.
R:Water blast (low cooldown).
A:Toggle Offense/Defense Mode.
S:Swing tentacles in a circular AOE, dealing damage and spawning puddles.
D:Start raining, which buffs all puddles to heal, grant speed, and purge enemy abilities.
Q:Stun enemies in an AOE.
W:Launch a fissure of earth walls stunning enemies in a line..
E:Create a circular earth wall that inhibits movement and blocks projectiles.
R:Rock Punch (low cooldown).
A:Earth Armor blocks damage and gives resistence to Crowd Control
S:Sends a jagged rock that pushes enemies and creates walls .
Q:Click and Drag to gust enemies in a direction.
W:Jump forward and become invulnerable for the duration.
E:Suction enemies in a circle to the center and stun on contact.
R:Air shot (low cooldown)
A:Beam of air, recast to jump again during the duration.