Taaanks.io - browser-based 2D real-time massive-multiplayer tank battle royal game in destroyable and rebuildable world right in your browser.
Your goal in this game is to survive and stay the only winner on the battlefield. You have only one life throughout the match, no respawns and second attempts.
At the game start you have only ram as your weapon. Explore the map and watch for loot boxes. In that boxes you’ll find weapons, ammunition, mines, health kits and upgrade kits for your tank. Use your ram to open boxes and demolish obstacles. Destroy other tanks to get their loot.

Movement: W,A,S,D or Arrows
Change Weapons:  1 through 5
Space - fire and item use
Switch mode between craft and fire mode: C
Pick up item: E
View Map: M

Weapons and upgrades
There are lots of different guns in game, from classic to BFG. Depending on loot box type you’ll find there weapons, ammunition, mines, health kits and upgrade kits for your tank. With every upgrade you get extra life for your tank.
Watch for gold boxes, only there you’ll find legendary-tier guns.

Demolishing and construction
Use your ram to demolish obstacles and get resources for construction of new obstacles: brisk walls, water, ice and bush lines. Use bushes to hide from enemies or build yourself a brick shelter to recover your health. Combining different types of obstacles will make it even more fun!

Run from lava field
Enemy tanks is not the only threat to you. With every second the ring of lava gets tighter. When in lava your tank’s health reduses drastically. Avoid this orange field to survive.

Play with friends
Once in game, copy the link and share it with friends to spawn at one battlefield.

Give us your feedback
In case you have any comments or you’ve experienced some unexpected behaviour of the game (aka bug) please feel free to contact us via email of social network.


Game Updates & Patch Notes: 
v 2.0 - New map! - Added BOSS!

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