Airmash is a free iogame.

Each player controls a plane flying over the earth in 2D and can shoot missles (space bar) or use a special ability (ctrl or shift), both of these action consume energy (blue bar) that auto refill with time.
The player can choose between 5 different planes, each with different healt (green bar) and special ability. When a plane is destroid it can leave an upgrade for others to collect.
There are 4 different things to upgrade (movement speed, health, energy recharge, missile speed), up to 5 times. Upon death the player respawn with about half the upgrades that he used.
When killing planes you get points, and on the right there is the leaderboard. You lose points when killed. There are levels that represents how much the player has got points in all his plays.

There are 3 different game modes:
- Free For All: everyone can kill anyone
- Capture the flag: there are 2 teams trying to steal the flag on the other base and bringing it back, the team that gets 3 flags first win.
- Battle royal: same as Free For All, but no respawn upon death and flames shrink the world.

There is already a small player base, also a reddit page here: