56 - place your meme characters and let them fight against other memes!

Buy, upgrade and rearm memes in order to beat your opponents in this autobattler meme mashup.


Mouse / Tap for every action


Up to 10 players join a room. Game starts automatically after a while.

Player has couple of seconds to pick a card from the pool of random cards. It goes to another player after that. After all cards were picked, planning starts.

Planning is where the player does the most. Players get assigned in pairs.
Main goal is to place heroes on the board (by dragging their cards at blue zone on the board). Cards require mana to place and mana limit rises with each turn played.

On the bottom right there is a button that opens the shop. It contains 3 cards, after all of these are bought (by dragging them to player’s hand), there is a new batch ready. Shop can be closed by clicking the shop button again.

One button higher there is an item shop. After opening this window, you can buy items by dragging them on hero cards below.

Above item shop button there is a ready button. If both fighting players are ready, game starts instantly.

When a card is being dragged, 2 new buttons appear. One on the bottom right. When card gets dropped there, it opens a window with hero information (stats and abilities).
The second button is on the top left and it appears when the card that is being held comes from player’s hand. When the card gets dropped there, the card gets removed from the hand and the game.

After planning phase, hero placements get placed on both of the opponents boards and placed heroes fight each other.

Winner gets coins for the victory.
Loser gets less coins and his health is dropped.
Battle can end up in a draw, dealing little damage to both players.

If a player dies (0 hp or less), he gets eliminated from the game.
Last player alive wins the game.

Leveling up
After obtaining 3 cards of the same meme, it gets merged into one of higher rank. Highest rank is 3.

After every couple battles, there is an auction. It contains memes of already higher rank. Players can bid on the card that is being auctioned. The winner pays the amount he bid and other bidders don’t pay anything.

After being eliminated, the player is set as a spectator. Spectator watches next battles that happen.

Game Updates & Patch Notes: 
V4.0 (10.04.2020) - New feature: emotes! (click on your banner ingame) - New hero: Goos - New item: Grape - New item: Very Hot Knife - Meme backdrop color represents its type - Ads shouldn't leak from menu to the game now - Helper head graphic tweak - Reanu Keeves item alignment correction - Brave browser with adblock work fix - Favicon (goos) - Privacy policy tweaked visually - Removed secret message from privacy policy - Player banners are are animated on lose - Player banners dont reset when someone leaves - Framework update - Discord invite at match end screen Balance tweaks: - Level 3 memes major buff - Auction level 3 meme chance 35% -> 5% - Straight busta attack speed 4 -> 2.5 - Snoop Treat move speed -50% -> -25% - Diamond Hoe damage +20% -> 10% - Chicken Nuggets activation chance 10% -> 20% - Ushanka price 20 -> 40 - Turtle Shell price 30 -> 40 - Chopper attack damage 25 -> 30 - Reanu Keeves move speed 1.1 -> 1.3 - Reanu Keeves attack speed 0.5 -> 0.6 - Rikardo attack damage 12 -> 16 - Ryda ability chance 15% -> 20% - Ryda mana required 4 -> 3 - Shurgon attack speed 1.25 -> 1.15 - Stonk attack speed 1.7 -> 1.5 - Stonk hp 50 -> 65
16.01.2020 - v1 - Dummy players now copy hero levels - Lobbies are automated - Spectator mode fixed - Player circles update properly on game start - Game loading progress bar added - Fixed a bug where aoe skills would work more than once - Many internal changes and improvements

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