Bunk. Town is a free iogame. Welcome to a multiplayer survival game set in a town ravaged by a deadly pandemic. Your goal is to survive, earn enough money and hopefully get into the famous Bunkfort Bunker!

New players should earn money easily by picking up trash, or by killing chickens. With enough money, the player should head to the supermarket and get beverages and food he or she needs to survive. Strategies to earn more money include getting items to sell in map locations, fighting npcs, fighting other players. The map has various bosses you can fight to get special rare items.

CONTROLS: AWSD to move. Mouse Left Click to attack/use items.SPACE to dash. Q/E/Scroll to switch items. B to buy items. USE MOUSE to manage your items. Drag your mouse out of the inventory to drop the items you are holding.

HOW TO SAVE: The game autosaves your progress when you close the game! However, this save is only unique to your browser. If you would like to keep the same progress on different browsers, be sure to navigate to the Bunkfort Safes to save your items in a public safe, and retrieve it in the other browser!

IMPORTANT MAP LOCATIONS: Besides the Bunkfort Bunker located at the top-right corner of the map, there are various other important locations to know.

The SUPERMARKET is on the top-left side of the map, generally selling food and supplies at a low cost.

The HOSPITAL is located near the bottom-left of the map, where you can stay to heal from the virus.

Right above the hospital lays the BUNKFORT SAFES where you can save your items in a safe in case you have too many or would like to move to another browser.

The POLICE FORCE HQ is located at the right side of the map, but you can only get in with enough Vigilante Badges. These locations (and more) are depicted in the opened Town Map.

IMPORTANT ITEMS: There are 4 types of masks: SURGICAL MASK, n95 MASK, 3m RESPIRATOR and GAS MASK, each capable of preventing the infection of level 1, 2, 3 and 4 virus, respectively. VIGILANTE BADGES can be obtained by attacking criminals. However, these cannot be dropped from your inventory as they represent your reputation. If you die, your badges are lost.

Game Updates & Patch Notes: 
CH.0 - BUS RIDE TO BUNKFORT TOWN You have arrived to Bunkfort Town to shelter from the global pandemic. However, getting into the infamous Bunkfort Bunker isn't easy. Do you have enough survival and social skills to stay alive? - Bunk.Town Launched!
CH.1 - COVOID LABORATORY Rumor has it that the Bunkfort Bunker offers a vaccine for the deadly virus. Conspiracists all over Skynet claim that the Bunker is selling these vaccines to the highest bidder. Why hasn't the cure been made available for all citizens? Does a cure even exist? There is only one way to find out: storm the nearest virus lab, Covoid Laboratory, and see it for yourself. - Added updates page! - New Covoid Laboratory area - New enemies and boss in new area - Added a new secret weapon - Added stick as weapon - Added pills as food - Added vials - Added an alternative cure - Buffed plague mask defense and removed from bunker - Buffed riot shield to 33 bullet defense - Buffed meat to +4 hunger and +1 thirst - Only Hazard suit and lab coat have virus defense now (Virus defense is for attacks carrying virus, masks only protect from virus propagation) - Changed map view - Bug fixes
CH.2 - RICHEST IN THE SUBURBS The Police Force have been taking actions to track down the town's newcomers! By offering to keep safe their paperwork, they suggest to everyone to register an account in Bunk Town! - Added accounts! Accounts will now store all your safes in one place. You won't ever lose your safes by deleting your browser history! - Added a leaderboard - Added a player profile page - Fixed players getting stuck in walls - Fixed items getting stuck in walls - Don't spam in chat plz - Buffed flags to 15 damage - Bug fixes
CH.3 - PUMPKIN TROUBLE Due to the virus forcing people to stay at home for Halloween, Bunk Town's Karens have been making plenty of pumpkin pies to keep themselves busy. However, some strange paranormal force of nature is not happy about that... - Added a new halloween boss! This boss will regularly spawn during Halloween time. After Halloween, the boss will still be able to spawn manually through other means. - Added another small boss - Added candies - Added 3 special candies - Added pumpkin pies - Added flower of peace - Increased meat cooldown after use - Small riot shield nerf - Small trooper damage buff - Jacket physical defense buff - Bug fixes
CH.4 - SANTA CLUB It's Christmas time, and the virus is rampant again. However a group of superspreader partygoers are not willing to conform to the lockdown, and continue to spread the virus. They gather around in Santa Club, a place where the party never stops. It's said that the party leader Nicholas has the magical power to pull out any amount of beer at any given time from his magical bag. Do you believe the rumors? Meanwhile, the Police Force is preoccupied with the large wave of violent "tourist" migrants who have brought chaos to an already devastated town. Most of the cops overlook incidents and do the bare minimum to avoid confrontations and backlashes. However, the wealthy residents of the town have had enough, and have gated their community from the hooligans. They are now only allowing deliveries to enter, and have generously funded a Police Force squad to protect their community, with great success. - Added new requested flags of Brazil, Ukraine and Turkey! - Added levels! You get exp when you kill npcs. It doesn't have any effect (for now), but it does help to know who is who, and who is a real P.R.O! - Bosses will drop exp orbs to pick up - Added levels leaderboard! - Added hats! Hats are decorational items that have no effect in the game (for now) There are 15 new hats and more to come! - Added a WANTED status. If you are WANTED, cops will attack you on sight. You will also be blocked from entering places. To remove the status, you can visit the Mayor's neighbor, or go fight your case in Bunkfort Court. - Helmet is now a hat - Troopers will not attack player with helmet, 3m mask and military now - Reduced some out of stock cooldowns - Added a Bus Terminal - Added Bus Passes - Added a salon near Spawn Park - Added a small hat shop - The Christmas event lasts from Dec 16 to Jan 9! The event will still be accessible later, for a higher cost, just like for the Halloween event. - During Christmas season, you can get a Bus Pass to Santa Club for cheaper! - Added Santa Club location - Added new mobs - Added a new Boss! - Added a new secret item! - /mute and /unmute command added! And more chat fix - Added Serious Cop. Do not kill other players in vicinity of a Serious Cop! Or you will be WANTED! - Added Rich Man - Added baton and handcuffs - Added Hindered effect - Increased bat hitbox and pushback - Increased shotgun cooldown after use - Increased minigun range a bit - Increased stick damage - Reduced trooper drop rate - Buffed riot shield - Increased pumpkin flower drop rate - Decreased to 6 pumpkin piece to use pumpkin flower - Slightly Buffed pills - Decreased cost of cure - Fixed ghost player bug - Other small bug fixes Small changes 2021-01-19 - Cannot summon pumpking lord in restricted areas now - Small batman buff - Reduced number of cops This was a big update! More like 4 updates in 1, so there won't be any big updates soon. Happy holidays!
Hi admins! I have submitted the game one more time because I never got a reply for the last submission.

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