Colonist io is a brilliant and challenging web based board game that positions itself as an alternative to the highly popular Settlers of Catan board game. You take on the role of a colonist and you must build a civilization and expand your territory. Building settlements increases your production and victory points, but it makes you a target for other players. Extremely simple rules with tremendously deep gameplay. Combine strategy, planning, cunning and the ability to negotiate to win. Base game is 4 player and the first player reaching the point of 10 wins. Can be played solo versus bots, with friends or with online players all over the world.


Here is an outdated video on how to play

Produce Resources

Building settlements & cities produce resources. Resources are produced when any player does a dice roll. Whomever has a settlement or a city in the border of the dice number will receive the resource shown in the tile. Settlements produce 1 resource, cities produce 2 resources.

Rolling 7 & Robber

When a player rolls a 7, they get to place the robber on any tile they wish and steal 1 random card from any of the colors adjacent to that tile. Robber prevents gaining resource from the tile it is on.

Resource Usage

Resources could be used in 5 ways;

  • Build Road: Lumber & Brick
  • Build Settlement: Lumber, Brick, Wool, Grain
  • Build City: Grainx2, Orex3
  • Buy Development Card: Wool, Grain, Ore
  • Trade with other players

Development Cards

  • Knight: Place robber in any tile and steal 1 card from an adjacent tile.
  • Year of Plenty: Take 2 cards you want from bank.
  • Road Building: Build 2 roads.
  • Monopoly: Steal all instances of a single type of card from every player.
  • Victory Point: Gain 1 victory point.


  • Bank: On default you can give 4 of the same type of card to obtain 1 of any other type.
  • Bank with Ports: If you have a settlement or city near a port you automatically use that ports specialty. If you have 3:1 it means that you can trade 3 of the same type of card to obtain 1 of any other type. If you have 2:1, then you can trade 2 of the corresponding type to obtain 1 of any other card.

Longest Road
The player with the longest consecutive road earns 2 victory points. A minimum of 5 consecutive roads need to be placed in order to get this bonus.

Largest Army
The player to use the most amount of Knight cards earns 2 victory points. A minimum of 3 Knight cards needs to be used in order to get this bonus.


  • Settlement: 1 point
  • City: 2 points
  • Longest Road: 2 points
  • Largest Army: 2 points
  • Victory Points Development Cards: 1 point

Win the game at 10 Points.


Controls are very simple, all you need is a functional mouse, touchpad or touchscreen. 


A lot of advanced Settlers of Catan strategies also work in You can check our blog to read about more detailed strategies.

Game Updates & Patch Notes: 
Version 64 - 7 Jan 2020 - Added update popup. (Thanks Demiculus) - Added a new fun map Diamond. (Thanks Demiculus) - Development card icons are bigger (Thanks eigengrau, Starshine, Matias, Couch Tomato) - Removed end game screen ads. - Desert color is better (Thanks Matias, Starshine, Couch Tomato, The Commander's Son) - Hovering over victory points shows how much victory points is needed for the game (Thanks corpsss) - Settlement & City pieces stands out more, color blind friendly (Thanks Couch Tomato, Starshine, Matias, GlryX, The Commander's Son, down_vote_magnet, Luke, Corey, MarcusHelius) - Mobile safari works better (Thanks DylLighted) (Before:
Version 63 - 30 Dec 2019 - Added a new fun map Farmers Guild - Room players show full screen (Thanks deliriz) - Turned `4v4` to `4p Game` to decrease confusion (Thanks Couch Tomato)
Version 62 - 16 Dec 2019 - Added a new fun map Dwarf's Fortress - Added Very Fast option with 30s turns (Thanks Swagger, Magic) - Increased dice timer to 10s to allow using Knight card before dice (Thanks Dan) - Changed number font (Before:
Version 61 - 9 Dec 2019 - Added first fun map Forester's Lodge - Turn state box shows player color (After:

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