52 is an isometric, retro themed tank blaster game. The objective of this game is to get points as much as you can, you can get game points by killing another players, eating cake or gifting items. Reach a specific target point in order  to upgrade your weapon, Each weapon upgrade will add different stats and increase your speed, reload, and overall amount of damage dealt. You can also upgrade various other powers for your tank and cannon. If you kill another player, you will get game coins and a certain ratio  of experience points, each individual player have a different reward. For example, a level 2 player will recieve twice the reward than a level 1 player and so on. Thus, there is a certain momentum which you can play off of as you build on your ship. Of course, the longer you are araound and the more powerful you become, the more likely you are to become a target, especiaally a trarget of other powerful players. The prize for eliminating higher level characters will mean that other players are incentivized to hunt down people like you in order to continue their own momentum.

The game coins you earn can be used to unlock new skins, nd the in-game experience points will be used to upgrade your items and your aability to carry items.




-Move your cursor to move player in the direction

- Left click mouse to shoot (or hold)

- Middle click mouse or press “Space” to spawn a mine

- Hold right click mouse to move faster (Health will be decreased)

- Press “S” to use a shield.

- Press “Q” to show emoji



-Tap on any screen to move player in the direction

Other game control are shown as a button on screen