62 is a silly strategy io game where you are a chicken collecting seeds to expand your nest with eggs. Destroy others eggs and grow your own. Dominate the leaderboards or get Rekt.

How to Play

Chicken follows mouse.

Collect seeds.

Crush enemy eggs.

Defend nest.


Slow Lay:
This involves very little risk. Players only ever collect seeds and return to base promptly to defend eggs. This takes a while but there is low risk of death.

A Rat in the Coupe:
Sneak into enemy nests and collect their hard earned eggs. This involves incredible risk since you will die if the nest owner catches you.

Lazy Lay: Whilst an enemy is out stealing eggs from others, you hang around their nest and collect the fresh spawns. There is a risk of the enemy coming back to base, but this can be an easy path to the top, without doing anything special.

Play without any strategy. Do what you want ;)