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Farter-io is an online multiplayer game where you have to survive and kill other players using only your farts. Build up your supply and then let it fly in this disgusting but fun IO muiltiplayer.
There will be no question as to who dealt it in this game. Explore the map, power up your guts, and then evaporate the competition with your thundering farts.
But beware! For your farting drains energy and needs to be re-filled. Roam the battle area to re-charge, avoid opposing players and then strike out at them as hard as you can.
You can also accidentally injure yourself if you become wrapped up in the smell of your own farts. Don't worry tho, you'll be able to heal yourself by eating precious tomatoes.
You can also outsmart your opponents by using a "pee zone."

Activate your "Pee-Zone" by left mouse button. This will form a small puddle of urine which other players are vulnerable to. And, remember the pee zone

Mouse to navigate
Left Button to pee
Right button to fart.


Ive been playing on this website for years. Today i felt obligated to make an account to tell you how terrible this game is. DO NOT PLAY IT. Plus the instructions are wrong.
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