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Cross Promotion: is an arena io game where you're competing against other players for dots. Purify the world with a cleansing fire to achieve ulimate victory! In you are a terrifying star who shoots flames and chases down his enemies in a massive gridded arena. In order to win you'l need to accumulate points. Accumulating points is done by eating the multi colored dots that freckle the map. But, of course: it's not that easy. This is an MMO game so the rest of the map is full of competing players who are also trying to collect the multicolored dots. You'll have to choose between hunting them down and destroying them, collecting the dots yourself, and defending yourself from aggressive opponents.  This is a fast and furious game. It requires you have lightning fast reflexes and a strategy.



Howe to play / game instructions:
Mouse - Use the cursor to conttrol your character.
Left Mouse Button: Shoot fireballs at opposing players

Game Updates & Patch Notes: 
Increased the sizes of player sprites used in gameplay
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