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Cross Promotion: is a free-for-all io game where you have control over a virus that you have to evolve.
In this game, you control a virus. Your goal is to create a superbug - a virus that is resistant to all known medicines. To do that, you must infect host cells and develop resistance to the host's antiviral medicines, while avoiding the host’s defenses.

How to Play


Your viruses are eager to replicate but they need your help. Use your mouse to guide your viruses to infect the host’s cells while avoiding the host’s defenses. If you lose track of your viruses, hit the spacebar to recenter your mouse. Strategy

When the host gets sick, they will use antiviral medicine. Be careful - the medicine can kill your viruses! But the medicine will grow weaker as it spreads, and if your viruses survive the medicine, their resistance will increase. This is how you create a superbug.

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