Hitormiss.io is a free rhythm game like osu which you can play on the browser with your friends. 

The variety of modes and custom settings will allow you to improve your aim while having fun. The main play-mode consists of 6 rounds in which you can compete
against other players to reach the highest score by clicking on the circles. At the end of the round the game will balance the difficulty of the next round depending on the performance of yours and the other competitors.
If you want to play solo or only with your friends you can create a custom game on the home page.


How To Play:

Click on the appearing circles with the left mouse button. 
(Optional: Right Mouse Button or Keyboard "A", "S", "D")


How To Play with Friends (Party):

After you created or joined a room the url of the website will change to a party link.
(Example: "hitormiss.io/?1f4ad816")

Share this link with the people you want to play with.
(They have to press the "Join" button after they visited the link)