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killstreak-tv is a third person shooter io game with upgrades and level-ups.
=== Info === - It's Showtime! Run 'n Gun Fun!
Quick fire, frenzied, 3rd-person shooter game!
Defeat your opponents, level up, unlock new gear and customize your character!
Be #1 on the leaderboard to win!

=== Help ===
Visit us on Discord:

=== Controls ===
MOVE :: [WASD] or [Arrow] Keys
SPRINT :: Hold [Shift] Key
AIM + ATTACK :: Mouse + Left Click
ZOOM :: Mouse Right Click or [SPACE] Key
RELOAD :: [R] Key
EQUIP :: [E] Key
DROP :: [G] Key

Game Updates & Patch Notes: 
=== Beta Build v0.25 - 16th March 2019 === Initial Beta Release


Played this game since it was released, and i gotta say it's really fun. The customization brings a purpose to continue playing the game, and it's really funny to see characters ragdolling all over the map! Only thing I'd improve is that to make bonuses and better server rooms, but I'm pretty sure that's gonna come soon. Overall, 9/10.
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