56 is a city survival game, in which you can grow, age and rebirth.
Sleep, eat, have fun and go to the toilet. To survive, you will have to find a job, and buy buildings.
Find a successor worthy of your ambitions and try not to end your life going through the garbage!

How to Play

Arrow key or WASD to move
Left click to hit
E or SPACE to interact
Right click to delete item
M for Map Strategy

Sleep, eat, have fun and go to the toilet

Sleep in a bed. The better is your bed, the better is your sleep.
To eat, buy food in a distributor, a supermarket or a trash. Some food have special effect.
Improve your mood by dancing, taking some medicine/food, or buying clothes.

Earn money

Work on a computer, find money on the roads or kill people.
Once you have enough, you can buy a building to get comissions every seconds.
Each time someone buy something in your building, you get money.

Upgrade your skills

Each year, you can improve your character on :
Computing, Trading, Strengh, Speed, Inventory, Search, Mood, Food, Sleep, and Toilet

Get a successor

Before dying, think to buy a successor in a nursery.
The more skills your successor has, the more expensive he'll be.

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