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Discussion for io game
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hello, i think bug when i arrive to play i see 2 loading and then nothing else i try sure other sites and his do it anyway so i wonder what's going on? I erfacer my story chrome I even restart my computer and no effects someone could help me please?
All of your games need to start supporting Joystick controls.
All the good HTML5 .io games support Joystick controls. I no longer play games that refuse to add support, especially since it's a simple chunk of code. Can't play this game from a Samsung Smart TV without joystick control support.
Hello! Yesterday I played this game and now all the progress has disappeared. Why? It's normal? Thank you :)
Just played 5 hours in a row.. very fun. But I think about an hour of that was ads.
Why is there no save of progress?
Why is there no save of progress? I played many hours yesterday and lost all progress. Great game but I dont want to play again if I have lost everything. Something you should probably think about because im sure others would do same - you dont want to be leaking players :P I'm using Firefox Quntum 63.0.3 (64-bit) windows 7 desktop pc
Pls add permanent power ups to the next version of the game
a fun game
this game is really fun I played it for a few days and no progress is gone and I wreck gods I die sometimes but other than that fun game keep up the good work :)
Lost progress
I`ve played many days, bought all weapons and now i don`t have anything! I have 1 level!!! How can i back my progress? :(
No save ((((
No save ((((