65 is an arena shoot out game. Welcome to the future, welcome to the arena, welcome to your destiny! This is a futuristic first person shooter where players must load up, lock in, and get down! Jump through portals and use a variety of upgradable weapons to take on an arena full of other combatant from around the world. In this game you hunt down and take out opposing players in a first person shooting arena. You score points for how long you survive, how many opponenets you take out and howmany head shots you can get. The longer you play the more points you get, the more points you get the more equipment that you can unlock and equip. It is an ever evolving world og automatic weapons and tactical decisions. Do you think you can take down your opponenets before they take you down? Find out in,  the future of arena combat is now!

Controls :

Movement : WASD or Arrows

Slide : Shift

Jump : Space

Lean left and right : Q and E

Inspect weapon : F

Stats : TAB

Voice chat : T

Game Updates & Patch Notes: 
13 October 2019 (v1.0.181) CQ Rifle power has been decreased. "CQ Rifle" typo has been fixed. [UX] Unlock button under lock icon. Game time updated to 3 minutes. [UX] Game time counts back from ending. Render distance option has been added in settings. Settings floating number issue has been fixed. 360 degree kill announced. New map announced : Axios
17 Aug 2019 (v1.0.153) + Major UI revamp. + Clan feature has been added. + Shadows have been improved. + Settings icon updated. + Model designs have been changed. + Invite friend icon has been added. + Fandom icon has been added. + Changelog page has been moved. + Static pages has been updated for new design. + Scrollable pages have been added. + Added editor icon. + New slider elements. + Friends component has been improved. + Black bars off by default. + Changelog has its own page. + Crosshair can be removed or changed. + [BUG] Friends feature fixed. + [BUG] Several performance improvements.
# UPDATE 1.0.101 # New/Changed: - Chat now shows up on replays too. - Protection mode introduced. - Nearly ending games won't be involved in matchmaking searches. - Replay mouse movement has been disabled. - Added assist announcer sound effect. - 3 seconds countback sounds have been added. - Lost and take lead announcer sound effects have been added. # Bug Fixes: - Alert popup's "OK" button issue fixed.

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