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Kill Monsters Lvl Up

Kill Monsters Lvl Up
Cross Promotion: is a free-for-all RPG io game with a customizable character.
Controls are simple:

[LMB] - move / attack

[P] - options menu

[ENTER] - chat

About is a game where you create a character, fight various monsters and other players in order to show your dominance and strengthen your character, climb the ladders of Top PvP count / Top max lvl to show the other players how it's done.

How to Play

Playing is very simple, your control the character with the mouse like in more top-down isometric RPGs as Diablo and Ragnarok online.

Lvl your character up, buy new gear at the shop, slay players and monsters that stand in your way. Strategy

Remember to upgrade your gear often, and buy health potions! Once your dead, it's over, you start over!

A small area around the shop in the initial spawn area is a safe zone, stay there if you are in danger.

Remember to have tons of fun :)

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