Sharks 3D Multiplayer


Sharks 3D Multiplayer is a free IOGame. Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of Sharks! A 3D game where you grow by eating smaller sharks, the tails of larger sharks, or dead sharks.


  • Move the mouse to control the direction of the shark
  • Hold the left mouse button down to swim slowly
  • Press 'S' to look backwards
  • Press 'A' to switch to the 'first person' view


  • Swim into other sharks to bite them
  • You can eat smaller sharks, the tails of larger sharks, and dead sharks
  • Eating sharks increases your size
  • Your size decreases if you do not eat
  • If you swim slowly your size decreases at a lower rate
  • You can only bite the same shark once every 30 seconds


Game Updates & Patch Notes: 
Game released on link added
add enemy proximity arrows

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