70 is a stick style arena fighting game.

Movement: W, A, D
Space - Jump
Shift - Run
Double Shift - Sprinting
LKM - Punch (shooting)
PKM - Kick
C - Camera view
Esc - Menu bar
Q - Call bar emoticons

There are also different key combinations:
Spec. ability - 1,2,3,4,5

The point of the game:

You're incredibly stylish neon man - stickman.
Become the best: fighter, marksman, warrior, assassin, acrobat, runner. Here you can become anything, because all you can!
Fight, shoot, run, jump.. But to die is undesirable, and this happens very often ;)

Dial as many points to get into TOP 1. Earn money for future purchases. Position in the top gives you the advantage in obtaining coins.

Fight, shoot, survive, as other stickman - your enemies. On the map to spawn weapons, so that you can quickly and safer to destroy your competitor.