53 is a puzzling race game where you take control of the fate of a cities commuters. The world is yours! But only if you're able to successfully navigate your automobile from point A to point B. It isn't easy to avoid accidents out there in th real world. There is always some one who drives too fast or too slow. Its a treacherous, and dark world. You play as a traffic controller, you need to have time to control the intersection and prevent a collision of cars, the more cars you missed at the intersection without accidents, the more points earned and hit the leaderboard.
Remember You do not play alone, you play other players who also want to be the best.
How to play:
The controls are very simple:

Movement is automatic
Left mouse button - stop/go
Esc - pause

Cross the streets without hitting the cars. Become a professional driver and take the TOP 1.

Automatic traffic lights are out of order! Take control of the intersection and make sure that the traffic flow moves smoothly and without accidents.

Hone your driving skills, score as many points, become the first and coolest among all drivers.

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