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About Treasurearena

This 16bit adventure game is incredibly fun! You’re stuck in a dungeon with 3 other players, you have the option of 3 different classes and you basically fight until the time limit is up! The player with the most gold collected by this time limit wins although killing others is a lot of fun and normally ensures victory regardless.

How to play

Treasurearena is essentially a game where you race others to get a lot of gold, however its a massive free for all, everyone can attack each other and on top of this there are challenging npcs scattered around the map protecting the treasure! The games are fast paced and a ton of fun, additional weapons/power ups are available around the map which can be extremely effective at taking out other players or hitting treasure chests from a distance. There are 3 classes currently available; Warrior, Rogue and Mage each has a unique basic attack although your character choice doesn’t change much more than that and cosmetic appearance as you’ll most probably be using the better weapons picked up in game.


To navigate the map use the WASD keys, space bar is used to jump although jumping over terrain or attacks is not possible. You have a hot bar in game which holds your weapons, these are accessible using the numbers 1-5 on your keyboard.

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