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An infinite battle of hundred robots!  

Three game modes!

  • Free For All
  • Last One Standing ... (60 players needed!)
  • Survival Mission  ...   (Currently closed)

How to Play -


- Upgrade Robots to defeat enemies and survive as long as possible.

- Utilize walls & traps to attack your opponents in different ways.

- Play with friends from all over the world, with up to 100 at a time.

- Come up with tactics for a strategic gameplay!


Simple Controls

- You can learn how to dodge, evade, and dash in merely 10 seconds.


Real-time Upgrade System

- Enhance with Attack/Defense Capsules acquirable during battle.


Fair Survival Game

- Only your skills are essential because everyone starts on the same page.


Chance for a reversal at any time!

- Avoid the dazzling cliffs and terrifying explosions, hide behind walls, and aim at the enemy's back!


You are the world's best Warbot pilot to resolve the future global crisis!



Booster: SPACE

Move: W, A, S, D

Camra: Left/Right Arrow

Shoot: Up Arrow or Mouse Left Button

Mouse Lock On/Off: Mouse Right Button


Emotion: 1, 2

Minimap: M

Hot Key Info: H

Upgrade/Ranking: Tab


Exit: ESC



Developed by Wondersquad Inc. 




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Why is there a locked game mode on here? I use to play about a year back and this locked mode was already on screen. did the dev of this game just stop updating? I love playing this myself and given the high 70s rating a lot of others do to. please unlock the other game mode.

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