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Build water piping systems to pump and collect gallons of water from ponds. You'll earn money for every gallon of water you collect. Build more pipes and pumps to increase the size and capacity of your piping network. As you level up, you'll unlock better equipment. Watch out for other players trying to sabotage your network! Use pipes to connect your pumps with ponds. Protect your base pump at all costs! Choose the location of your base pump carefully. Once placed, you cannot move it. If another player destroys your base pump, you're out of the game. As you level up, you'll unlock better equipment such as bigger pipes, more powerful weapons, placeable defense objects and water processors. Water processors can be used to heat, filter and purify the water which increases the flow rate of your pipes. Ponds will be depleted over time, so make sure you plan ahead.

Move: W A S D
Look: Mouse
Place Object: Left Click
Attack: Left Click
Rotate Object: Right Click
Change Tool: Scroll, Click Hud or Num Keys 1-9
Chat: Enter
Lock Objects: L
Show Ping: Insert

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