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About is a super cool multiplayer shooting game where you use various weapons around the map and battle other players. It's a free for all game, so you have to keep track of who's around you!

How to Play

To play, all you have to do is use your WASD keys to move around the map, and left click to shoot. You can also use the scroll wheel to switch weapons. It's also possible to place down turrets, etc. Strategy

In, the basic strategy is to simply use map coverage to block incoming projectiles from hitting you. If you can get your enemy to chase you, lead them out in the open, and then hide behind cover, you can take them out much more easily.


Talk about any related topics!

You can talk about any of thsees . topics, or anything about Weapons Strategy Skins Powers Maps Share Your Username Game Suggestions I personally love, it being the top game I play regularly. I was first introduced to it by this site, and it is so fun. The developers of this game are dead though, and it is so frustrating trying to suggest a game suggestion to a brick wall. Anyway, I am hoping that maybe they will notice this post. You can also post game suggestions/bug reports on discord, My username is Jreesebot, see you there!
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