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Cross Promotion: is a bloody battle arena fighting game with a fast-paced action. One arena, hordes of opponents - big crazy war!

* Fight for gold and glory!
* Find and unlock variety of chests,
* Unlock achievements
* Evolve your hero
* Upgrade your weapons
* Upgrade your player's level and get permanent stat boosts!

Enter the crazy whirlwind of war!

How to Play

Mouse cursor - move direction
Left mouse button - Attack
Right mouse button - Speed Boost Strategy

PRO TIP: Focus on collecting the orbs and upgrade your weapon early on! Good weapon is the key to score best multikills!

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hello, i think bug when i arrive to play i see 2 loading and then nothing else i try sure other sites and his do it anyway so i wonder what's going on? I erfacer my story chrome I even restart my computer and no effects someone could help me please?

All the good HTML5 .io games support Joystick controls. I no longer play games that refuse to add support, especially since it's a simple chunk of code. Can't play this game from a Samsung Smart TV without joystick control support.

Hello! Yesterday I played this game and now all the progress has disappeared. Why? It's normal? Thank you :)

Just played 5 hours in a row.. very fun. But I think about an hour of that was ads.

Why is there no save of progress? I played many hours yesterday and lost all progress. Great game but I dont want to play again if I have lost everything. Something you should probably think about because im sure others would do same - you dont want to be leaking players :P I'm using Firefox Quntum 63.0.3 (64-bit) windows 7 desktop pc

Pls add permanent power ups to the next version of the game

this game is really fun I played it for a few days and no progress is gone and I wreck gods I die sometimes but other than that fun game keep up the good work :)

I`ve played many days, bought all weapons and now i don`t have anything! I have 1 level!!! How can i back my progress? :(

No save ((((