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Cross Promotion: is a foraging io game with a touch of action as try to be the very best survivalist!

Build your farm to generate points. You must protect your farm from other players. Advance through the ages to unlock new items. 

How to Play

To gather resources in you have to hit trees, rocks and bushes. You can also attack other players. 
Once you have collected enough resources you can build buildings and items to generate points and protect your farm.

Movement: W, A, S, D

Look: Mouse

Select Item: 1-9 or Click


Gather/Attack: Left Mouse or Space



我認為這個遊戲“”非常棒,但我喜歡在玩遊戲時聽音樂,我希望“ ”可以添加一些休閒音樂,我希望  在“”中有多語言設置.Thankyou,希望你會改善的.Byebye~
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