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The Goal

The main goal of The io Games List, from the very start, has always been to bring exposure to awesome games that would otherwise only exist on a single domain. The main issue is that so many of the awesome io games we love are all hosted on separate domains, and totally disconnected. This is a problem for developers because it hinders the ability for them to get their games out there and growing fast. Thats where we come in! We will help you get your game out in front of the world!

Why should I have my game added to The io Games List?

There are many reasons why having your game added to The io Games List is important to building your player base. For starters, is proud to be the #1 Biggest and Fastest growing IO Games website in the world. With over 15,000,000+ views each month (as of 11-16), we are growing very rapidly, and we are very confident that your game will get tons of attention and exposure by being added to the list. Not only will you gain plenty of players from being on, but you can also use us as a great tool to get tons of feedback from the players! We are planning on adding a comment/feedback section on every game’s page on the website, so this will serve as a powerful way to get new ideas and opinions from the players.

Questions? Feel free to contact us!

We can be reached most easily via email at: [email protected]. This page will be updated periodically, so check back once in a while if you’d like to stay up to date. We look forward to working with you!