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Turn asteroids and enemy space ships into the dust using your weapons.


Gather the dust to upgrade your ship and win the game.


Collect additional devices and weapons to strengthen your ship.


Win the game rounds by getting the biggest ship.


How to play


Use the mouse to navigate. Your speed depends on the distance between your ship and the mouse cursor.


Use the “Space” button to speed up even more.


Use the left mouse button to shoot standard lasers. Use the right mouse button to activate additional weapon (you have to find and acquire it first).


Gather the space dust to upgrade your ship and win the round. strategy


At the beginning of the round, try to gather some dust from asteroids, avoid the enemies.


Try also to find additional devices before engaging to any battle.


Try to shoot down the enemy chasing them from behind.


If you have any missiles or plasma gun, you are the boss.



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