deadwalk is a 3-D shooter where you must scavenge for weapons and upgrades while you fend off zombies and hunt down other players. Hell is full, the dead are here!  You probably never thought the post-apocalypse would be this fun but then again, you probably didn't think zombies were real. Well, they are and they're fantastic!



These zombies don't run but they move fast so you'll have to have a quick trigger finger and reload as fast as you fire. Use stealth to sneakily move around the map. Hide in buildings, gather supplies and try to get the jump on zombies any way you can. In you can collect all kinds of weapons, body armor, and upgrades which will help you survive as long as you can. If you manage to outlive your opponents and if you manage to bag more deadheads than the other players when the time runs out, YOU WIN!



But Beware! This is an online MMO shooter. The zombies aren’t going to be the only thing trying to kill you. Other players from around the world are signed in, armed to the teeth and on the hunt for suckers. Hunt lest ye be hunted! Remember; when you stare into the cold undead eyes of your zombie opponents you're not really so different than them. Just give it a few years or one bad move on your part.



W,A,S,D: Move

1,2,3,4: Select weapon

Mouse: Aim reticle

Left Mouse Button: Fire

Shift: Roll


Game Updates & Patch Notes: 
April 19, 2019 -New Zombie type added -Fixes for exploding barrels -Performance improvements to rounds ends
April 4, 2019 Hello fellow zombie hunters. We would like to let you know that we did some code optimization to DeadWalk; this should make the game run smoother and be more responsive during those close call encounters with the undead and fellow players. We have also added some "explosive surprises" so be careful what you shoot at and pay special attention if its red. We have also updated our zombie friends, please check them out..just not too close. We will be adding a few more surprises in the near future so stay tuned to see what else might be crawling your way ;)

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