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Game Description Container - Build your base to defend against zombies!

About is a game about supply chains and zombies. Your goal is to build a base which survives the night, when zombies attack. Build defensive towers to protect your base. Towers need resources, so you have to build a supply chain using mines and processors. Try to survive as long as possible - can you beat your friends?

How to Play

Start by building your base, and placing crystal mines. If your mines are not connected to your base, place a transporter. To defend your base and survive the night, you will need defensive towers.


Game Updates & Patch Notes: 
v2.5.3 - 13.03.2019 / Update translations
v2.5.2 - 30.01.2019 / Fix crash in Microsoft Edge (Please use Chrome for the best experience)
v2.5.1 - 23.01.2019 / Fix bug when moving camera while pressing space / Do not increase zombie speed past day 200 to avoid zombies getting stuck / Add Greek translations


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It would be awesome if you could actually see other peoples bases.

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